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Water Buffalo have been present in Northern Australia since the 1820’s.They have been used for many years for meat and hides.

A new domesticated industry has emerged following the destruction of much of the feral buffalo herd in northern territory in the 1980’s.

Buffalo are currently being farmed in all states of Australia. Buffalo are easy to handle as long as they are worked regularly. It is recommended that buffalo have access to good shade, and shelter from heat in summer and cold in winter by using effective tree and shelterbelts or shade structures. Electric fencing is recommended on paddocks.

Buffalo have a different temperament to beef cattle and require different handling. Buffalo need to be handled firmly but very gently, no yelling or belting. This handling affects the tenderness and quality of the meat. Calm animals produce tender meat.

Buffalo meat is very low in fat, less than 2% and comparatively low in cholesterol, this leanness makes buffalo meat very healthy. The fat composition in the lean meat has a higher proportion of polyunsaturated and omega 3 fatty acids than in chicken lamb or beef. Buffalo meat has been found to be very high in protein, iron and zinc content. Buffalo is a very healthy alternative to beef. Buffalo raised at Gulf Buffalo Warnertown, are chemical and antibiotic free.

Buffalo meat cuts have a range of uses in dry cooking methods such as frying, grilling roasting and with wet cooking methods such as stews, pies and casseroles as with most lean meats buffalo should be cooked for shorter times than would be done for beef to retain the natural moisture in the muscle. Also the meat must be cooked with care to avoid overcooking. Because of its low fat content buffalo mince is the ideal premium mince for those Italian dishes such as bolognaise or lasagne. Olive oil is recommended as the ideal oil to use when cooking with buffalo, a little brushed on the meat or added to the marinade or even in the fry pan is excellent to help seal the meat quickly and prevent sticking.

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