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History of Buffalo in Queensland

The first known record of the buffalo's introduction was at a research facility in Townsville in the 1980's. Later in 1994, a herd was brought down from Arnhem Land by John Lloyd to his property near Mackay. John sells buffalo meat locally and interstate.

In 2001 the first dairy/riverine animals(33 head) in Qld were purchased from the Northern Territory, Beatrice Hill Research station by Atherton Tableland dairy farmer Mitch Humphries, specifically to start a dairy operation at Millaa Millaa. The first commercial available buffalo cheese made and marketed in Queensland was produced by Mitch who rented a small dairy factory situated near his farm.

In 2006, Mitch stopped making the cheeses himself and linked up with an Italian cheese maker, and now supplies his milk to the Vannella Cheese Factory in Cairns.

In 2006 Mal and Marg Thompson of Maleny started milking some riverine buffalos that they purchased from the same NT research station the year before. Mal and Marg our supplying their milk to Maleny Cheese on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Mal and Marg also supply sell buffalo meat.

New to the scene are Craig Gould and partner Jana Kahabka. In 2007 Craig and Jana have established a buffalo meat enterprise in the far north of the state around Lakeland Downs (3 hrs drive north west of Cairns). This operation sources dairy buffalo vealers from Millaa Millaa, fattening the young buffalo out into prime finished stock for the restaurant trade and private demand. To place orders for Craig & Jana's prime buffalo cuts or general inquires please see contact details below.

Contacts in Queensland

Mitch Humphries:
    For buffalo Dairy Products and Breeding stock
Telephone 07 40972544
fax 07 40972038

Marg and Mal Thompson:
    For Buffalo Dairy Products, Breeding stock and meat.
Telephone: 07 54944420

Craig Gould and Jana Kahabka:
    For buffalo Meat, private and wholesale supplies
Telephone: 07 4060 2084
Moblie: 0428 405 522
Post: 1/73 Sircom Street
          CROYDON QLD 4871

Marg Thompson from Maleny, Southern Queensland getting to know the five buffalo they purchased from the NT as a basis of a future dairy herd

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