New South Wales Updated: 15 November 2012
State Body: Nil at present


Eungai Creek Buffalo
Kim and Ian Massingham (Board Members, NSW)
   50 Elliotts Road
   Tamban NSW 2441
 Phone: 1300 360 200
 Fax: 1300 360 800
 Ian's Mobile: 0414 743 118
 Kim's Mobile: 0413 995 238

Burraduc Buffalo
Elena & Andrei Swegen (Board Members, NSW)
   2014 The Lakes Way
   Bungwahl NSW 2423
 Mobile: 0416 027 683
 Facebook: Burraduc Farm
Small herd of purebred Riverine Buffalo
Buffalo Mozzarella made in accordance with Southern Italian tradition. Yoghurt, Milk & other dairy products handcrafted and packaged on the farm. Quality dairy breeding bulls.

Doug and Jan Robertson
Ph: 02 6848 5315
Fax: 02 6848 5359

Currently the Buffalo herd in NSW is limited to a few properties scattered over the eastern half of the state. Over the past few years there has been an increase in the number of Riverine blood animals with at least four dairies being planned.

Any persons keeping buffalo in NSW must have a licence to do so. Application for a Non-Indigenous Animals licence should be made to the DPI office in Orange. Certain fencing and security measures must be met as well as comprehensive livestock records and an annual stock return is to be presented to DPI Orange. The long term aim is to have buffalo reclassified as domestic animals such as sheep and cattle thus eliminating the need for licensing.