Australian buffalo
About ABIC
The Australian Buffalo Industry Council Inc. (ABIC) was formed in 2000 to promote and consolidate the Industry throughout Australia. Membership of ABIC consists of affiliated State associations, associate members and honorary members. ABIC encourages Research and Development to improve husbandry, processing and marketing of buffalo. ABIC offers support to members and to lobby government at a National level on matters pertinent to the buffalo industry.

ABIC has provided information on the handling of buffalo and information for those conducting training and educational courses. We also provide opportunities for the marketing and promotion of buffalo products.

Are you interested in joining ABIC?

The Council has the following type of membership:


An application for membership of the Council as an Affiliated Association, Associated Member, Associated Organisation or Special Member shall be:-
a) Made in writing on the form determined by the Board from time to time.
b) Lodged with the Secretary of the Council.
c) Accompanied by the appropriate subscription payment as determined by the Board.

Upon an application being approved by the Board, the Secretary shall as soon as possible, notify the applicant in writing of the approval.

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